• Jason Van Anden

    President of Quadrant 2

    Jason Van Anden's expertise spans disciplines and industries including consumer facing mobile, robotics, music, art and video games. He brings a creative edge and unique visual sensibility to the technologies he develops. His first steps into the world of apptivism (App Activism) were in 2011, when he released "I'm Getting Arrested", the first panic button app developed for Occupy Wall Street, and now used by demonstrators around the world.


    He began his association with the ACLU in 2012 when he developed "Stop and Frisk Watch" for the NYCLU. This was followed by the ongoing Mobile Justice App series, beginning in 2014.


    His apptivist work has continued since. In 2016, Quadrant 2 released Cada Voto Cuenta, ParentPatrol and Our Walmart.


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