• Bystanders Rule!

    In 2012, Quadrant 2 partnered with the NYCLU to release Stop and Frisk Watch, an app designed to allow apply the bystander effect to police abusing Stop and Frisk. In 2014 Quadrant 2 and State ACLU Affiliates began releasing Mobile Justice Applications and there are now 18, with more on the way. As of November 2016, Quadrant 2 has released Bystanders Apps to help British Teens negotiate police interactions, report attempts at voter suppression and keep playgrounds safe.

  • Mobile Justice

    Justice is within your reach.


    With Mobile Justice, you can record and report police abuse, share information with other users and get updates from your local ACLU affiliates.

  • Mobile Justice News

    Stop, Frisk, Record. The New York Times talks about Stop and Frisk Watch, a tool to chronicle police stops.


    Eyewitness News headline says "ACLU's Mobile Justice App Aims To Hold Cops Accountable"


    Mobile Justice gets a mention in Paper Magazine's "How To Be a True Ally In Trump's America"

  • Y-Stop

    Released in partnership with StopWatch and Release, Y-Stop is an app designed to help UK youth safely interact with the police.


    You can record and report to Y-Stop or the Police and be alerted to any changes in police protocol.


  • Y-Stop News

    Tech Times discusses how Y-Stop can be used to hold police accountable.


    Wired says that "Y-Stop 'stop and search' app will instantly hold police to account".

  • Cada Voto Cuenta

    Latino Justice worked with Quadrant 2 to create a poll watching app. If you see voter suppression or intimidation, you can report it to the experts at Latino Justice. Send a report or a video. If you need urgent advice, you can call them directly from the app.


    Remember, there are elections every year and every vote matters every time. Keep informed with updates from Latino justice and keep others informed by reporting on efforts to suppress the vote.


  • ParentPatrol


    Quadrant 2 partnered with New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim to release ParentPatrol, an app to help parents report misuse of the city spaces designed to be safe places for children and families.


    Record and Report to Assemblyman Ron Kim, who can either serve directly as your advocate to the NYC Parks department or pass the report along to your local representative. Keep up to date with going ons or call the hotline if you're in need of on the spot advice.


  • ACLU Blue

    The Texas ACLU and Quadrant 2 created ACLU Blue.


    Record or upload videos of police incidents and send reports to the ACLU of Texas. Expose misconduct by law enforcement and promote examples of model policing.

    ACLU Blue holds police accountable by creating an interactive, online community committed to documenting police behavior, both good and bad. Users can report and share examples of excessive use of force, racial profiling and over-militarized police responses —as well as examples of model policing in Texas communities.