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  • Inspired by Occupy Wall Street and now used around the world, I’m Getting Arrested is the first mobile panic button app. With the click of a button, users can let anyone know if they’re being arrested.

  • Record, Report and Connect with Mobile Justice, one of Quadrant 2’s Bystanders Rule! apps. Mobile Justice lets you record police misconduct and report it to a local ACLU affiliate.


    Our Bystanders Rule! technology is now used by over 20 different organizations. Read more about Mobile Justice and Bystanders Rule! platform.

  • Created with the labor group OUR Walmart, WorkIt is a peer to peer support network for 1.3 million non-unionized Walmart employees. It makes use of IBM's Watson Artificial Intelligence Engine and a group of human experts to get quick answers to complicated questions using natural language.


    OUR Walmart and Quadrant 2 will bring WorkIt technology to other organizations starting in 2017.

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